Boundary Phrase Flash Cards

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Boundaries are a communicated expression of what is okay and what is not okay. Notice the word “communicated.”

I’ve had so many experiences where someone said something inappropriate or did something that wasn’t okay with me and I wanted to speak up…but at the time, I didn’t have the words?

I began collecting boundary phrases so I could be better prepared. These Boundary Quick Phrase flash cards are my favorite top 40!

Your Teacher

Kami Orange, Boundary Coach
Kami Orange, Boundary Coach

Kami Orange, Boundary Coach (she/her)

I’m a boundary coach, entrepreneur, and retired psychic medium. I’m not a therapist.

As a coach, I use my own lived experiences and observations of the world to share perspectives and advice. Unless I specify otherwise, all my content is 100% my own.

Most of my clients are queer neurodivergent trauma survivors who are learning how to set their own boundaries while also parenting the next generation.

Kami Orange has worked with 400+ clients in 7 different countries over the past 11 years while offering 300+ hours of live trainings about relationships, communication, intuition, sex, and confidence. An international keynote speaker, coaching certification creator, and has 284k followers on TikTok.

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Download and print the flash cards and they are yours to enjoy forever!
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Yes! I included two audios: one of me giving the instructions and one of me saying all 40 of the phrases in both a peppy-happy tone and a serious-upset tone.

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