Kami wearing blue overalls sitting on a step stool

Everything I share as a Boundary Coach is based on my lived experiences as a fat queer autistic white cis woman.

During the first year of the pandemic, I took a step back and realized that within every business I’ve owned, I’ve always gotten boundary questions?

I was a Psychic Medium.

I helped people talk to their family members who had died by suicide, cleared stray souls out of people’s homes, and realized that most of the living have terrible boundaries with the dead!

I was a Wardrobe Mentor.

Our closets are a vision board for our lives. I helped people create the life they want using the energy and design of their apparel. My clients often had partners, parents, or siblings criticizing their clothing and needed help setting boundaries!

I was a Business Consultant.

My specialty was helping small heart-centered business owners get their content online to reach a bigger audience. I was there to set up email sequences and they needed advice on their customers pushing boundaries!

I was a Spiritual Teacher.

I taught intuitives to connect to their GUHP (God/dess-Universe-Higher Power). I trained and certified 23 Certified Alignment Coaches to build their own businesses with the modality I created. The classes I taught about boundary setting for sensitive, empathic people were the most popular out of the 400+ hours of training I created. I retired at the end of 2019 when I sold my business to a student.

Kami wearing a white hoodie pulled up over her head with a big smile

Then came 2020...

I took a year off from everything. I stayed home, gardened, read books, and thought about my life. Specifically, what is my role in the revolution? The anti-capitalist social equality disability accessible revolution!

The world is changing. My part of that change is supporting autistic, ADHD, and open-minded allistic people in expressing how they feel and asking for what they want. To give example phrases for speaking up against sexism, racism, transphobia, anti-fatness, ableism, and all other awful bullshit. 

I’m a Boundary Coach to help people say the thing.